I adopt the correct scientific terminology?

We have already mentioned that each terminology differs from one field to another, but it is necessary to realize that before the writer sits down and writes the first page of a structured text, it is unconditional to prepare well and think about what it will actually examine resp. what he will deal with.

Scientific terminology

Thus, the work of bachelor work and every scientific / academic work involves the use of professional terminology and stylistic procedures and distinctive linguistic means are defined for scientific styles. While maintaining a reasonable level of understanding, foreign and professional words are widely used in the scientific language.

This scientific terminology differs from the field of study and each author uses scientific terms and turnovers for scientific work because of the accuracy of expression. However, it is very important to use these terms and turnovers to manage them because of their normalization. At the professional level of the ‘writer’, his acquisition of the right professional terminology, his style of expression, and, ultimately, scientific accuracy are being judged.

As a source for terminology, we recommend using the recommended literature by the supervisor or the opponent. Furthermore, it is suitable for inspiration professional literature in all forms, ie online, magazines, books, etc.

The job manager will appreciate very positively when you use any of the terms he uses … but don’t tell anyone about it …